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All our wines are blends. Each plot and grape variety ferments separately, so We get to know the wine of each plot before blending. This is the secret of the "really old world" style, where varieties are not on the front label.  Agur does not have one "flagship" wine. Like with children we try not to have a preference. They are all special.

Rosa is a unique Rose, fermented in old casks. Kessem and Special Reserve are Bordeaux style blends. Layam is a characterful blend of Syrah and Mourvedre. Karka is a variety called Oseleta, indigenous to Valpolicella.


The visitors center is open all week between 09:00 - 16:00.  Tasting charge is refunded upon purchase (of 6 bottles+).

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Our Wines


Special reserve 2016

Variety:  Cabernet Sauvignon 40%, Cabernet Franc 25%, Syrah 25%, Petit Verdot 10%                

The wine was aged for 18 months in 50% new french oak barrels and bottled February 2018 in a limited production.

Past, Present, Future

My name is Shuki Yashuv. I am the winemaker and founder of Agur.

The gentle sloping Judean hills and biblical Ella Valley are the setting of the Agur winery. Agur is in an ancient wine-growing region. Many sites attest to the presence of oil and wine presses from the First and Second Temple, the Roman periods and more modern times. It is here, after all, that Jacob blessed his son, Judah, with wine grapes.

 We haven’t been producing since Roman times; but for Israel, we’re pretty mature. The winery that began in 1999 with a single plot making a couple of thousand bottles has graduated. Today, Agur produces nearly 15,000 bottles of five types of wine. And, our installations leave us room to grow. Our first fully Kosher production was our 2007 vintage.

The winery is advancing from harvest to harvest, improving and perfecting its quality and distinctive taste. With many awards for its outstanding brands and growing demand for its wines, Agur exported for the first time in 2006 to the United States. Since then, we also export to the United Kingdom and Italy.

We’re a winery with an opinion. We don’t buy into trends; people like that about us.

Drive out to see us, we’re located in the Judean Hills. A visit to Agur feels different – we’re closely in touch with our agricultural roots. We’re proud that that our wine is served in elegant restaurants and in nice homes across three continents. But we never forget that all that all this pleasure starts with a grape that is grown in soil. We like to get our fingernails dirty.



Our vineyards are very close by, all in the Judean Hills. We’re in the Middle East but still we get rain and cool winds most months of the year. Indeed, our vineyards have one of Israel’s highest temperature contrasts between day and night. In the picture below are four sections of Judean hills soil. It is a thin layer of Terra Rosa, under which lies a thick layer of lime. 

The main vineyards are in Mata, Shoresh and above the Ella Valley at an elevation of 500-850 meters. I will describe two very special plots: The saddle plot between Wadi Sansan and Wadi Foukin was planted 20 years ago at an altitude of 750 meters. The plot of Hirbet Saris in the Shoresh Vinyards is 850 meters above sea level.  Both are the eldest Cabernet Sauvignon plantings in the Judean Hills. Their yields are never above 650 kilos per Dunam (2600 kg per acre). Notice how the vines drill themselves into the hard lime rock. 

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שכבת הגיר העמוקה מרסנת את היבול שעל הגפנים ומשביחה את הענבים. צילום: ערן פיק, צרעה

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הגפן והיין בארכיאולוגיה של .ארץ ישראל צילום: עמוס הדס, קרוננברג 2007

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Climate of a typical summer’s day during maturation of grapes:

Air rises from the hot land, allowing cool breezes from the sea to blow inland.   When they reach the Judean Hills after 40 to 50 km they are relatively dry.